Paradise Springs
Brigid McCaffrey
June 4, 2016

Please join us on Saturday June 4th for our annual summer film screening at The Palms in Wonder Valley! This year we are very excited to be showing Brigid McCaffrey's recent film, Paradise Springs, along with additional short films. Screening time will run for about an hour right after the reliably beautiful pinks and purples of the Wonder Valley sunset. Food and drinks available from our heroes at The Palms. See you there!

Paradise Springs
Brigid McCaffrey
33 minutes, color, sound, digital video
Featuring: Ren Lallatin ​
Screening will begin at 8 pm

Kip's Desert Book Club
Small Rocks Rising by Susan Lang
June 6, 2016

769 In Small Rocks Rising, Susan Lang reveals the incredible stories of the pioneering women of Pipes Canyon in novel form. Growing up immersed in this vibrant culture allows Susan to use her writing skill to bring this story to life in a series of 3 books following the life of Ruth Farley. I assure you that the Book Club will be reading the next two volumes and also her latest book, The Sawtooth Complex, in the near future. I am also pleased to announce the environmental classic, Cadillac Desert, by Marc Reisner as our July selection. You can also pick up a copy of Twentynine Palms by Deanne Stillman for August.

Kip's Desert Book Club
No Place for a Puritan by Ruth Nolan
may 2, 2016

I am so happy to announce that Ruth Nolan, editor of this month's Book Club book, No Place for a Puritan, will be joining us out in Wonder Valley at 7:00 pm on May 2nd. Ruth mentioned that supplies of the first edition are running low and she is talking to Heyday Books about a second run. Our faithful desert book readers can contact the publisher at to express their love for this desert classic so we don't lose a critical part of the desert literary canon. Our feedback can demonstrate a growing readership and keep this book in print.

Kip's Desert Book Club
Earthbound by Mari Collier
April 4, 2016

We are super fortunate to have our very talented, local author Mari Collier join us on April 4th when we discuss her novel Earthbound at Andrea Zittel's house in Joshua Tree. This novel is the first of 4 books describing the lives and adventures of space aliens who find themselves living on Earth on the western frontier. Earthbound is available on Kindle and at In the Morongo basin, Office supplies + in 29 Palms, Raven's Bookstore, and Rainbow Stew have signed copies as well. I hear that Barnes and Noble also carries the printed version. Mari mentioned that she will be bringing a few copies, which she will be more than happy to sign.

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